This Triptych features a true TIMEless classic in the Oyster Perpetual Rolex. 

Made by special order, this stunning triptych will be ready to ship 1-3 weeks from order date.  It is created the same way Spiritiles are created.  Minimum retail price is $3,000 for online & print postings (website, social media, eblasts and other advertising).  Suggested retail is $3,000 - $3,300. 

There are three unique stories, one on each panel:
    “Time is the most valuable thing a person can spend” -Theophrastus
    “The way we spend our time today defines who we are” -Justin Estrin .
    “Never be idle and you will never complain of the want of time” -Thomas Jefferson .


Each panel of the triptych measures 24" H x 14" W and weighs approximately 5lbs.


The framing is different from Spiritiles in that, instead of a box frame, the enameled copper panel is mounted to a birch and pine block (medium walnut finish & sealed) and designed to float from the wall.  Houston Llew logo signature hot branded stamp appears on reverse. This design does allow for custom framing by you or your customer if so desired. Outside of the block mount, we currently do not offer custom framing options for Houston Llew Limited pieces.  The  block mounts for each panel have holes for hanging (same as Spiritiles) and are also wired for traditional hanging. 


Feel free to post on your website or social media or otherwise share with your customers!  You can download photos in the Marketing tab above --> Photopacks folder --> Houston Llew Limited folder --> Monday



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