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Instructions for hanging: 

1. Level template and tape to desired display wall.

2. Drive 1 5/8" drywall screws into '+' marks, leave a 1/2" lip between wall and screw head.

3. Tear off paper, hang Spiritiles!


30pc Horizontal

Size: 56" w x 36" h

Holds: up to 30 Spiritiles


30pc Vertical

Size: 36" w x 56" h

Holds: up to 30 Spiritiles


37pc Horizontal

Size: 60" w x 60" h

Holds: up to 37 Spiritiles


42pc Horizontal

Size: 80" w x 36" h

Holds: up to 42 Spiritiles

Hanging Template

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# of Spiritiles

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