Retired Forum Guidelines and Etiquette



1. When commenting on a tile discussion to ADD YOUR INVENTORY please make sure to add:

-The Quantity you have on hand 

-Your email 

-Your phone number


2. When commenting on a tile that you ARE IN SEARCH OF:


-Quantity you need

-Your Phone 

-Your Email 

3. As you SELL YOUR INVENTORY you must UPDATE your Forum Comments and QTY


*Please also list the PRICE you sold it to the COLLECTOR to.  


Kindness & Respect!

Please treat others as you would like to be treated!

Please respond within 24 hrs to other partners who have inquired directly to you. 

When selling your inventory to another Partner please take into consideration that they are playing on the same team and also trying to build their collectors and the value of Spritiles. 

We recommend that you sell your inventory within a reasonable price range so that the receiving partner can also benefit from the transaction (here's where etiquette tip 1 comes into play!) Plus you never know when you may be on the other side of the table!

We LOVE working with each and every one of you and are thrilled you are here participating in this awesome opportunity to spread the Spiritile Love!

Please note though, that we are encouraging you to work together on any issues that arise; we are all adults here and we don't plan on being referees, so play nice please!